"For thou shalt have desolation. .. Thou shalt not harden thine heart... For thou shalt open thy hand unto him ... ”(Deuteronomy 15: 7-11).

At Lichyot Be’chavod we strive to allow everyone the basic need of living in dignity.
Thanks to you, we act to reach more Holocaust survivors and families in need, to provide them with essential living needs, out of respect and lots of love and compassion.

The association assists all sections of the public: in Rehovot, Kiryat Ekron, Rishon LeZion, Ramla Lod and the surrounding area.
Thanks to you, we are here, we can help every day, every Shabbat, throughout the year and during holidays.
The food distributed is under the Kosher Rabbinate of Jerusalem Mehadrin

Emergency donation recruitment for Holocaust survivors in isolation!!

Are we scared of the Corona? 🦠 Holocaust survivors in isolation are even more scared!😷
Lichyot Be’chavod is carrying out an emergency donation recruitment!!📣
We will never leave Holocaust survivors alone while they are being isolated!
Together we will make sure that they receive hot meals throughoput the week!
Every day and every hour
we are here for them.
A private house in Rehovot open to everyone? Hot food for all those who are hungry? Hundreds of meals a day, diapers and Materna baby formula for needy families, zero judgment. During the research I already understand that these are extraordinary people.
We are currently preparing to distribute hot meals to Holocaust survivors and the elderly👴👵
Even when they are facing the unknown 😰 We always stand by their side😍

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Our volunteers in action!
Reaching the doorstep of every Holocaust survivor, bringing them a hot meal, along with some encouragement and reinforcement.

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We provide 1,500 hot meals every day. The food is prepared freshly every day in our kitchen in Rishon Lezion and distributed to the needy in tin foil trays.

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Social Security data on poverty situation in Israel

These families include Holocaust survivors, widows, sick and lonely people who are supported by our organization – Lichyot Be’chavod – and we give voice to their pain. Yes, there are hungry people in Israel – despite the abundance around there are people who go to bed hungry, many of them children and elderly people. Our national Social Security proves 513 thousand families and 638 thousand children that live in the country under food insecurity conditions.
live below the poverty line
of the poor in Israel are children
Give up food due to financial hardship
The main component in their food is bread and some simple spread

Lichyot Be'chavod Projects

Nourishment in the baby’s first years of development is especially critical for his development. We provide baby food packages.
Give students and teenagers a chance to succeed in life! Every day hot meals are distributed to students in a difficult financial situations.
Thanks to you we can help every day, throughout the year and during holidays. A food package – means life and food for another family during the holidays.
Educate the younger generation for giving and caring. In collaboration with schools and educational staff, we have initiated the Month of Giving.

It is all thanks to you! Our activities in numbers:


food baskets for Tishrei holidays

Every year, during the month of Tishrei, a month with many holidys, we supply all the food neccessary to celebrate the holidays in dignity.


food baskets for Pesach

Every year we supply, according to family size food baskets for the whole of Pesach, not only for Leil Ha’Seder, so the holiday can be celebrated in dignity.


baby food baskets per month

Every month we sponsor babies and give them all the supply they need, from Materna baby formula to diapers, wipes and more.


hot meals a year

A kitchen located in Rishon Lezion prepares 1,500 hot meals every day, and these meals are distributed to centers of Holocaust survivors and the needy.

Hot meal distribution stations

Every day hot and nutritious meals are distributed to these centers for Holocaust survivors and those in need, throughout the year. Lichyot Be’chavod association was established in 1993 with the vision: to allow everyone the basic need to simply live in dignity. The association operates all year round in order to reach more families in need and provide them with necessary living needs, out of respect and love. The association assists all sections of the public: in Rehovot, Kiryat Ekron, Rishon LeZion, Ramla Lod and the surrounding area.

Our partners for the giving:

Full transparency - Channel 10 research proves!

That all Lichyot Be’chavod association’s documentations are proprly managed according to the law.